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Warning: - SEO experts, Social media Experts and Link Builder are not allowed. Only my content writer friends are allowed. J

I am kidding everyone is most welcome on our platform. On our platform no one is expert everyone is beginner because we daily learn new thing and new way of survive in our field.

From past 10 months I am in the field of blogging and till now write more than 300 articles for my blog and other blogs. Initially we are Tech blog but we plan to change our nice and now we are in SEO niche. It is well known fact that if you running a SEO blog you must have proper knowledge about your niche like way of writing, SEO, Social media marketing and many others. If you are writing in wrong way in SEO field, then I am going to suggest others, no one care about what you are going to say. So try to improve your quality with blog and time.

Why we need quality in content along with SEO?

If you will serve bad quality food no one want to visit you. I think now you got my point. Blogging and writing is like running restaurant with awesome quality food in the form of article and posts. It is up to you what you want. Those who are interested to serves quality content come along me I will help you out.

As our Title shows that, today we are going to discuss on “Essential SEO Tools for Content Writers”. Come with me and try to improve your Content writing with the help of these tools.

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 SEO content writers tool: - Small SEO tools 

Small SEO tools

Small SEO tools is the complete package of SEO content writer tools. We can compare it from a super market where we can find everything according to our requirement but the main point is you have to pay for everything in market but here every tool is free for you. I am going to show what type of tools are available on this SEO mart.
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Keyword Checker
  • Article Rewriter Pro
  • Backlink Checker
  • Link Tracker
  • Search Engine Pinger
  • Google Page rank Checker
  • Word Count Checker
  • Server Status Checker
  • Spell Checker
  • Domain Age checker
  • Website Page Speed Checker

Likewise above tools there are total 31 Tools audible and all are useful and awesome. Initially this platform have only 9 tools now they include 22 new tools so don’t be late and use every tool. This platform is recommended by me for you.  

One more thing is every tool on Small SEO tools is very easy to use. Simple guideline given with every tool so take a look you will definitely fall in love with this platform.

SEO content writers tool: - Google Keyword planner

Google Keyword Planner

Some week before Google shut down their awesome SEO content writer tool name ”Google Keyword tool” nothing but a tool who gives you information about particular keyword, traffic, CPC and Competition. But for user and blogger’s help they open “Go0gle Keyword planner”. Google Keyword Planner tool have main problem that this tool didn’t provide accurate data on traffic of particular keyword. Other than traffic estimation all other functionality are good such as exact CPC. But still we take help from this tool only for choose our long tail keywords and I can say our maximum articles are at good position due to this tool only.

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 SEO content writers tool: - SEOquake 

SEO quake

SEOquake is nothing but a SEO extension (Toolbar) from Google chrome. It shows tons of SEO parameters. By searching SEOquake in chrome app centre you can easily find this extension. We can simple put this extension in the list of SEO content writing tool. Here I am going to mention all.
  • Google Page rank
  • Google Index
  • Yahoo Links
  • Yahoo Link domain
  • Bing Index
  • Alexa rank
  • Web archive Age
  • Delicious Index
  • Whois Link
  • Page Source
  • SEMRush Rank
  • No follow links
SEOquake Bar

SEO content writers tool: - Copyscape 


Copyscape is free plagiarism checker tool. Popularity of this SEO content writer tool we can check form its perfection and outstanding performance. You have to just copy and paste you URL or other Blog’s URL and it will immediately inform you that is copy and paste content available or not. You can make your content 100% Unique.

Difference between Small SEO tool Plagiarism and Copyscape Plagiarism checker is Copyscape just find plagiarism by URL and in Small SEO tool you can check during writing your article (each line and each paragraph).        

SEO content writers tool: - DropMyLink


Use of Dropmylink (SEO content writer tool) is for to find relative blogs and sites to make backlinks and backlink help us to give Page Rank(Do-Follow) and Position of article in Google (No follow ). You can find any type of blog websites over here. Following type of blogs you can be find:-
  • .edu Blogs (Educational Blog)
  • .gov blogs (Governmental Blog)
  • Intense debate blog
  • CummentLUV blogs    
  • LiveFyre blogs
  • Do Follow Comment Blogs etc.?
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SEO content writers tool: - ahrefs.com


Ahrefs content writer tool is mainly use to check Number of Do-Follow and No-Follow backlinks. This tool is free but for all results you have to go with Pro.
You can go with following area.
  • Site Explorer & Backlink Checker.
  • New SEO Report.
  • Find Mentions of Brand, Name, Anything.
  • New Backlinks Report. 
  • Fast overview for link batches.
  • Anchor text etc.


As per my experience I will only suggest you to use all above tool, They will help you lot and make your SEO content writing awesome or you can say they will take you at good level of SEO content writing. We are regular user of all above tools, that’s why we only explain trustable tools.

If you see any type of problem in using any of these tool we are always here. We will response your query within one day.   

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