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This article gives you three of the best money making online Ideas. It is not a list of the most commonly used ideas, or the ideas that are the easiest. If you want to make money on your blog and you do not have a sponsor for your blog, then these three are the best Online Money making ideas. Other ideas such as the more common affiliate advertising method may pay you some money, but it will rarely earn more than one of these three ideas.

Online Money Making Idea 1-Selling your eBay items via your blog:

Ebay Logo

Yes, you read that correctly, the most effective way of making money online every month on your blog is to sell your eBay items via your blog. This does not actually mean direct selling, although that does work. It just means getting people from your blog to your eBay item listing or eBay shop. It is not as hard as it sounds, as there are a few ways you can do it.

Put item listings at the bottom of each post:

You can do this by putting pictures of your items at the bottom of each post (around five is enough) and underneath having the title and price of each item. It is preferable if you do this programmatically and have your item listings streamed to your blog post. This is because you will have to change your listings at the bottom of every blog post every time you sell an item. If you have the programming prowess, then try to make it so that different items are suggested at the bottom of each post.

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Sell the idea of your item via the blog post:

If you have a shop or you are selling the same thing all the time, then write blog posts about how great that item is. You can even make it personal and say how choosing to sell that brand is a pleasure, or how that brand has helped you so much in the past that you could never sell another brand. Try to avoid making your blog posts a big advert for one of your products, as you will scare off your regular viewers. Don’t forget to put a link and images that all point to your eBay listing.

Blog about the idea of using your product:

For example, if you are selling DVDs, then you can write a great post about the movie Prince of Persia. You can make mention of how great it could have been if they had included Monica Bellucci in the movie since she was in the game, instead of Gemma Arterton who seems unable to break a sweat. On the other hand, you could sell the idea of using the product on its own. You can say how you can hold a DVD, and lend it to friends. Say how you can watch it on your TV instead of on your PC or Laptop, and explain how you cannot accidentally delete a DVD or how your DVD collection is not lost when your computer gets a virus (in opposition to downloads).

Online Money Making Idea 2 - Sell the rest of your blog post:

Sell your Blog posts

This takes both some clever marketing, and a very good blog. What you do is offer people something every week. It has to be something great, like dating advice that works, or games cheats. It is vitally important that you offer people something that is very useful to them in the free section of your blog. Then, you offer to sell them an addendum to your blog post every week.

Step 1: At the end of each blog post you include your hook. The user must pay a small fee via PayPal and give their email address. When they are about to pay, have a check box for your newsletter and have it already checked. That way, if the user does not want your newsletter, then he/she has to uncheck the box.

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Step 2: Once the user has paid, then you email them the addendum part of your blog post. You will do better if you do not charge too much. Even charging 99c may be too much (although it is not bad). If you make only three sales per week, then that is $11.88 per month, which is a lot more than you will get from affiliate advertising?

Step 3: The most important part is that you do not have people sign up for a subscription, as the purchase is just a one off that people can buy. Secondly, the bulk and free section must be of a very high quality and very useful. The free part is the biggest selling point for your addendum purchase. If you save up your best bits for the additional paid bit, then nobody is going to be stupid enough to pay you.

Step 4: Finally, make sure that your extra bit is a fantastic piece of work. It needs to be something that is worth ten times what people paid for it, or they will feel that they have been ripped off. Remember that you want people to come back and buy every week. If you can do that, then you will be able to make a lot of money off of your blog.

Online Money Making Idea 3 - Ask for donations to your blog post:

Donation for your blog posts

Tell people that you think affiliate advertising is tacky and spoils the user experience, and tell people that you have no other funding for your blog besides the generous donations given by your viewers.

If people understand that you are one person, working alone, and that you have no fortune to fund the blog, then they may pay you. There must be websites where you would have paid to keep them going.

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For example, the wibit.net website is just two students who have created some really excellent programming tutorials. They inspire great loyalty in the people that learn from them, all of whom are grateful for such a big time and expertise investment that they are getting for free. If your blog is so good that you can get article writers to write about it without you even knowing about it, then your blog is going to do well if you politely and sincerely ask for donations so that you can keep the blog going.

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